Welcome to Sirisha Rehabilitation Centre

I feel proud to reach you all through this service channel of ‘Sirisha Rehabilitation Centre (SRC)’ which tunes to the concept of ‘Service to the Mankind is service to the GOD’.

Having a daughter with mental retardation has made me unpleasant in the beginning as the child needs special environment with negative attention from people. Our family sufferings, agony, depression, and struggle to search for Understanding, Assessment, Identification, Treatment, and Special Care Centre has changed our attitude from a ‘Challenge’ to ‘Opportunity’ and thus started thinking about several such children in general and particularly living in the rural villages who are already struggling with poverty and its consequences on health, education & development.
This process of thinking took transformation as strength to conceptualize and develop Service Organization which finally emerged a legal forum entitled ‘Sirisha Rehabilitation Centre (SRC)’ in the year 2004.
SRC has developed its own Models of Training & Rehabilitation with need based strategies & interventions matching to the skills, needs, and vulnerabilities of its targeted groups and other stakeholders. It has successfully completed and running several need based projects with the support of Government and Private including Individuals. The services of SRC were well accepted by the Stakeholders and got appreciations including National Award.
SRC has successfully completed the First Decade (2004-2014) of its Service Journey and planning to bring out a Souvenir on this occasion. On behalf of Children, Parents, Management, and Staff I congratulate all the well wishers and supporters who have given the opportunity to do such noble service for the most needy.
I am looking forward to get your continued support at all levels so that SRC will move forward to empower the targeted groups for leading an independent living with improved quality of life (QOL) & sustainability and finally to get a solution to the concern of the parents that “what will happen to the child after us?”.